Du erreichst uns am besten mit der U-Bahnlinie U6, über den U-Bahnhof Westphal Weg oder mit dem Bus der Linie 282, der praktisch direkt vor dem Gym hält.

You can reach us is by the underground line U6, arriving at station Westphal Weg or with bus 282, which stops almost in front of the gym.

mail@hauptstadt-gym.de Eisenacher Straße 19, 12109 Berlin Training Montag - Samstag Open Monday - Saturday

Wir öffnen jeweils 15 min vor Trainingsbeginn.

We open 15 min before each course.

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Questions & Answers

It is never too late!

Basically, it is never too late to start Thai boxing. Everyone who wants to train hard is welcome at the Hauptstadt Gym team.
Your personal process will also be closely monitored during the training. If there are any signs that you get in trouble with any specific exercise, we will recognize this and adjust your training to your needs and personal limits.

The earlier the better!

We think that you can't start your Muay Thai training early enough. That is why we have set up two training courses, especially for the younger generations starting at the age of 10.
Every Tuesday and Thursday from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm, we teach the kids the basics of Thai boxing. Of course, there is not just a lot of sweat and movement involved but a whole lot of fun as well.

Safety first!

If you planning to participate in a trial session at the Hauptstadt Gym, you do not have to bring your own protective equipment. If you decide to start to train Muay Thai with us, you should consider getting the following essential equipment:

Boxing gloves (14 OZ)

Wrist wraps

Shin guards


Groin guard

Most of this, you can buy directly at the Hauptstadt Gym. We are glad to help you answer your questions about other products, providers, or special equipment.

Well, that depends...

If you are thinking about combining your strength training with Thai boxing, you should first be made up your mind about where you want to set your priorities.
Thai boxing requires a large part of your physical energy and body attention. So doing it in addition to classic bodybuilding can become a very difficult and frustrating task.
But if you are looking for a training that is guaranteed to help you to achieve an athletic and strong body, then martial art is just perfect for you.
Experience has shown that 1 to 2 additional strength workouts are a good measure of building up healthy muscles in addition to Thai boxing. Our athletic performance program especially designed an approach like this.

Power & movement.

With any type of movement, different muscles have to work together in specific ways to transfer force from one area of your body to the next.
Keeping this in mind, functional training in the Hauptstadt Gym means that we strengthen our body through complex and often unfamiliar exercises. This way, we prepare our muscles for new and powerful movement sequences that our body oftentimes is not even capable of doing anymore. The result is an entirely new body feeling and, with that, a vast improvement in your quality of life.

That's a promise!

But of course, there is a lot more to it than just a good new year's resolution to make a lasting change. The right attitude and a solid basic knowledge of nutrition and how your body deals with it are at least as important as your motivation to change something.
If you struggling to take the first step or if you simply do not want to go all the way alone, our Supreme Personal Training will help and guide you in reaching your goals.

Your feedback is important!

We at the Hauptstadt Gym are particularly proud of our familiar training atmosphere. So if you have any suggestions, ideas or wishes about the gym or the training, then don’t hesitate and contact us directly.

This way, we can ensure that our training will not only challenge you but is also fun for you and that you like to come to the gym to work with us on your goals.

Successful in Berlin since 2014

Since 2014 we have been successfully training professionals, recreational athletes and future generations in traditional Muay Thai. Become a part of this success story and start a trial training today!
  • With a wide range of martial arts-oriented courses, the choice is all yours at the Hauptstadt Gym

  • Experts with passion! Our team of coaches has been practicing martial arts with body and soul for many years

  • Professional Muay Thai training is too expensive for you? Pricing at the Hauptstadt Gym is guaranteed to fit into every budget